Time flies

Thanksgiving came and along with it the much anticipated visit with family:) Clint produced a turkey done to perfection. They had all the other good stuff and then more. Some of their friends arrived with their own children in time for desserts. I indulged or perhaps over indulged in a delightful hot fudge sundae, then came a pumpkin pie, an apple pie. I was too busy enjoying all of it to be side tracked into “food photography!” So thankful for my family, also thankful they have such delightful friends. Children of all ages filled the home and miracles do happen. Each and every one of them behaved so perfectly you’d think it was a scripted live performance on stage, much like the casting call for Sound of Music we just saw:)
So here’s Thanksgiving turkey:

I enjoyed visits from my own friends over the long weekend, including these two who escaped from Black Friday only to hit the traffic headed to Ducks/Beavers game.

We have so much to be thankful for, and may we continue to express that as we appreciate the real meaning and spirit of Christmas tomorrow and in the days to come.

By carolo

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