Spring Clip

Jake got a new look for spring and summer. Looking good:)
These were taken right after he was groomed.
A week or so later first I got sick, then Jake. Unrelated, totally unrelated. So Wednesday Jake was seen by the vet, got meds and already responding. Today, Thursday, I got into the doctor to see why I was so slow to get my energy back from Norovirus. The short answer is that it’s normal. You know how things are said to come in threes? Bad noises coming from my car engine today, so it goes in to the car doc on Saturday. Enough is enough! Beautiful spring weather now and I should be out celebrating.

There was an essay contest “assignment” a few months back. I entered but this was so long ago I’d forgotten that no winner was announced. In a meeting last week I discovered I was the winner. Prize is nice gift certificate to one of my favorite local restaurants, so generous I can treat family to a night out. Or friends. Suddenly I have many new best friends this last week:)

By carolo

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