Jakey Celebrates!

We celebrated Jake’s 13th birthday on November 13. He’s well, happy and back to acting like a puppy. I’m hoping when Charlie comes so we can celebrate her 8th birthday our SpringRidge Christmas tree will be up, decorated and ready for her birthday picture and also one with Charlie holding Jake in front of the tree. Just might make another winner of a Christmas card if I get that accomplished.

Sandra decorated around Jakey photo to make it festive for his birthday!

By carolo

It’s time!

It’s past time for new photos of Jake-the-Pup, the fun loving Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that is always the hit of any party at home or out on walks. He’s had a rough week, spending Monday at the Veterinary Clinic for tests and IVs. Jakey will tell you pancreatitis is no fun! We hope to be out and about soon. Meanwhile, Jake’s fan club can please keep him in your thoughts.

By carolo

Favorite Birch

We’ve had such beautiful Spring weather, yet it was all too recently a heavy storm toppled my favorite birch tree. I’d passed by it only the day before thinking it’s time for fresh photos of bark, of moss. Then before I could do that “my tree” was toppled over. Here it stands once upon a time.

By carolo